Webinar: Intro SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software

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Webinar: Intro SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software

Your ultra-rugged phone is now also ultra-smart, ultra-capable, and ultra intuitive.

First, we set the bar for how ultra-rugged mobile devices should perform in extreme environments. Now we’re raising it even higher with SonimWare, our comprehensive set of software tools, applications and utilities designed to improve the management and productivity of your mobile ecosystem.

The best part? SonimWare is free and comes pre-loaded on every Sonim device. From streamlining device deployments, customizing available features, barcode scanning, or lone worker safety, there is a SonimWare application for every organization.

Download the Intro to SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software webinar recording to learn more about SonimWare and how you can start utilizing SonimWare for free on your Sonim device.

In this webinar we will be reviewing all of the benefits and features included in SonimWare CLOUD, SCOUT, SCAN, and SOS applications, as well as:

  • Why Sonim’s devices are the most ultra-rugged in the industry
  • How SonimWare improves productivity and device management across an organization
  • Industry use cases for SonimWare applications
  • How to access the applications on your Sonim device
  • How to purchase a Sonim device pre-loaded with free SonimWare applications
  • How to contact support with any application questions or assistance

Watch today and learn how SonimWare can help improve productivity and safety throughout your organization.

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