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Sonim with Next Nav Vertical Location

NextNav, the leader in 3D geolocation, recently released its vertical location services to 4,400 cities across the US. This highly accurate altitude data is a significant breakthrough in geolocation technology, elevating legacy 2D solutions to reflect the 3D world we live in. The ultra-rugged Sonim XP8 is one of the first devices capable of supporting the FCC-mandated vertical locations requirement for public safety and E911.

NextNav’s location technology consistently delivers the highest quality vertical service of ±3m 94% of the time consistently exceeding the ±3m 80% of the time metric set by the FCC. NextNav’s software development kit (SDK) and Unity Plug-In makes it easy to integrate 3D location into any application.

Watch this video to see the technology in action:

HubSpot Video