Sonim Rugged Performance Standards Testing

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Sonim Rugged Performance Standards Testing

When we set out to build the most durable phones, we realized that there were no true standards outlining what defines an “ultra-rugged” mobile device. Many vendors would claim to have “rugged” devices, but often they would do little more than add a thicker case and/or bumpers on the corners to make it look rugged. Understanding that this was a critical missing element in our industry, we set out to create a set of standards all rugged devices must live up to. The result was 12 benchmarks of endurance and mobility known as the Sonim Rugged Performance Standards (RPS).

Sonim’s RPS are based on over ten years of feedback from customer usage in the world’s most extreme environments and every Sonim mobile device is designed and built with the RPS in mind.

Watch this video to see Sonim’s Rugged Performance Standards testing in action: 

Sonim Rugged Performance Testing-1